KAN-therm: KAN Mobile App
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KAN Mobile App

Download the new version of the mobile application KAN!

KAN Mobile App provides the highest utility and most current content always within your reach.


Among the most important functionalities of the application you will find:


  • All price lists, technical information, instructions and manuals which support you in your everyday work. You do not need to download the file every time you want to use it. Once downloaded material is stored on your smartphone, and is available without internet connection. All materials appear in the mobile application together with the website. 


  • The ability to quickly and securely order products from the KAN-therm offer directly from your smartphone or tablet. Are you occasionally reordering the same products? - that's great! The application will remember them in your smartphone, and will let you save precious time! You can return to your order, which has not yet been finished, fill it in and send in once you’re ready.


  • Calculators of thermal expansion and hydraulic resistance available directly on your mobile device - no internet connection and unnecessary costs. Calculator of thermal expansion enables quick selection of arm length compensation for individual KAN-therm Systems, while hydraulic resistance calculator will help you choose the right installation diameter of KAN-therm System, depending on the flow or transported thermal power.


  • Contacts of distributors and KAN affiliates available offline. KAN app will remember the to contact your distributor - you do not have to look for it every time anew , and integration with google maps or navigation on your mobile device will guide you to the selected KAN office or distributor.

Get it on Google Play


IOS version available soon