KAN-therm: A new KAN production plant has opened!
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A new KAN production plant has opened!

On Friday 25th November 2016 - production in the new KAN plant has started in SSSE. It makes a great impression - huge space and machine stacks emphasize the size of the room. There is 4,250 m2 of the production itself. It is worth mentioning it is just the first stage of the whole project. At the second stage of the expansion of the facility, the plant will be enlarged by another 6,000 m2, which in SSSE itself gives the total area of 10,000 m2. 
The production relocation has started in October and finished without delay, exactly on a day when the production relaunch has been planned. Everyone involved in the project has been doing their best to start production on time.

The new production plant means: a better work organisation, significantly greater transparency of production processes, and most importantly the purchase of new machinery and robotics processes that are scheduled to start the next year. The main goal of the production plant was to increase the company's production capability. "Not only will we be able to enhance the production, but also we can be more flexible to customised orders", says one of the coordinators.

In a new building at Karpinski Street in Bialystok in operation already are: a department of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes extrusion, completion and packing department, plastic fittings molding department as well as injection molding warehouse. There is also indispensable on-site support of dedicated maintenance department, quality control department and laboratory.