KAN-therm: KAN Logistics and Production Center
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KAN Logistics and Production Center

This summer we have started the construction of a new production and logistics center of KAN. Investment is realized in Bialystok subzone of Suwalki Special Economic Zone. Construction started with ceremonial of laying the foundation stone and symbolic foundation act.

Jerzy Kaczan, president of KAN emphasized that laying the foundation stone has a symbolic, unique and special meaning because it has a significant impact on the further development of the whole group.

During his speech the President devoted a lot of words and attention to employees of the company.  – Thank you for cooperation, for your commitment and professional attitude. KAN would not be in such place without you. Machinery, innovations, technologies - all of this is important in our daily activities and allowed us to spread the wings. But it would be simply impossible without people. Without You. You are the most important in KAN. You are the team of this company and you decide about future and success. Therefore, thank you very much.

As Jan Kaczan, the Vice president of KAN emphasized, extremely dynamic changes within the company and its systematic growth as well as new market demands require appropriate actions. New Production and Logistics center of KAN is precisely such an element that improves the functioning of the company, supports order processing and also makes another step towards strengthening of KAN position on the market.

After speeches of the President and the Vice President of KAN, the foundation act was read and signed by witnesses of this event. Then, this foundation act as well as current editions of local newspapers, information about KAN and 10 Euro were put to a special time capsule.

Interestingly, the capsule cemented in the building foundation, is made of KAN-therm Inox fi 108 pipes. All the guests had a chance to impose the concrete with the trowel personally, and the whole event was crowned by commemorative photo and symbolic glass of champagne.