KAN-therm: KAN Smart Control Mobile App
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KAN Smart Control Mobile App

KAN SMART Control lets you control the wireless automation System KAN-therm Smart.

Install the application on your tablet or smartphone and control the temperature in your home or work, wherever you are. The system is user-friendly, and operation is smooth and simple. Everything is tailored to your needs!

Get to know the features of KAN Smart Control:

1. Makes it easy to control and automate your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world, using the internet or the local network.


2. „Quick Setup” feature lets you configure the KAN-therm Smart System, directly from the app.



3. Full system diagnostics (function" check the connection"), and an "error message" every time the ap encounters problems with devices communication or exhausted batteries in the thermostats.


4. Ready scenarios provide total comfort and energy savings (holidays, weekend), that optimize the energy consumption of the building.


Coming soon to Itunes Store!