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KAN-therm in Jordanki

The city of Torun in Poland has developed its cultural face by opening the Jordanki Culture and Congress Center at the end of 2015. The importance of this place is not only proven by the awards and objectives it accomplishes, but also 22000 m² of stunning architecture in the very heart of the city and the latest installation and design solutions that emphasize its prestige and functionality. KAN was also present among the suppliers.  
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The history of Jordanki CCC is short, in contrast to history of the site that extends to the Middle Ages, but it was promising from the beginning. Today the object has received numerous awards for architectural solutions and its social and cultural activity is also worthy of praise. The project has been executed since 2009, and improved many times so that the interior could fit in its assigned multitasking. The purpose of the building was defined at the very beginning: concerts, theatrical, opera and musical performances, cinema screenings as well as conferences and business meetings. Construction works began in April 2013. As we can read on the Jordanki CCC website, the total value of the project is PLN 224.769.739,24.
Technological solutions        
Such a massive project could become successful among others thanks to the application of modern technologies, supporting the investment “from the inside”. KAN-therm System was one of the key factors of success with its KAN-therm PP, Steel, Press and Floor Heating in the premise.            
“One should emphasize the importance of high quality and proven technologies in this type of projects,” said Mr. Wieslaw Piechowski, Manager of the North Region at KAN. “It is a guarantee of trouble-free system operation for many years, which translates into operation free from unnecessary repairs as well as long and flawless maintenance of the installation or replacement of hard-to-get elements.”        
What makes the implementation at Jordanki CCC unique is the use of special KAN-therm Blue Floor pipe for floor heating - with greater flexibility, which makes the installation easier and faster.
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Short History of numerous awards
The building, created by the Spanish architect Fernando Menis in 2010, was granted the award at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) in Barcelona as the best cultural project of the future. The center was recognized as one of the best concrete constructions in 2015 in the WAN competition and one of the "7 New Wonders of Poland" in the ranking of National Geographic. It was also included in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites, won the SARP 2015 Prize of the Year, which was granted to CKK Jordanki by the Association of Polish Architects in the category of "Public utility building - object of culture". There is also the Bryła Roku 2015 Award in the category of "jury's choice", and the distinction in the “New objects in urban space” category in the Modernization of the Year 2015 contest. And probably this is not the end.
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Spanish architect in a Polish city  
Fernando Menis, appreciated worldwide creator of contemporary architecture, does not like serial projects. He prefers to create unique pieces of art, in which he plays with light and texture to fully recover the virtues of the emerging project. He combines functional values with aesthetic values, focused on the achievements of modern technology thought. The external appearance of the building is therefore surprisingly simple, even crude and blends in the surrounding Jordan’s green. It is not the promise of what we will see inside: the climatic interior that harks back to the Gothic architecture of the Old Town, stunning artistic skills and attention paid to even the smallest details. This is a combination of modern architectural trends with the cultural and historical heritage of Torun.     
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Step inside   
A place ideal for the organization of small conferences and business meetings is the professional Pressroom with the area of 50 m². This zone is distinguished by the designer's ceiling with picado construction and brick trim, which as a characteristic element of the interior also appears in other areas of the premise, including the chamber music hall for concerts and performances. Using the sliding wall this chamber can be combined with the concert hall, intended for the organization of meetings on a larger scale. This is the largest concert and performance hall in Jordanki CCC, featuring primarily a great and refined interior architecture. It reflects the Menis’ concept of joining the brick as material referring to the medieval history of the city with concrete used in modern projects.
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Two words about the history
Jordanki is the part of the former Chełmińskie Suburbs that extend beyond the walls of the Old Town. In Medieval times this was the economic and agricultural base for Torun. Jordanki Culture and Congress Center was created in the former site of the moat surrounding bastions around the Old Town. The area takes its name from Henryk Jordan - physician and social worker, pioneer of physical education and the creator of public playgrounds for children in Poland. The Torun Jordan’s Garden was, however, built only in the mid 50’s of the twentieth century and today is a green and functionally realized recreational zone for both residents and tourists.