KAN-therm: New battery for KAN-therm pipes and fittings!
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New battery for KAN-therm pipes and fittings!

System KAN-therm extends its tool range with new press machine the ACO202X. The machine is suitable for the KAN-therm Steel and KAN-therm Inox pipes and fittings 12 up to 108 mm.
The jaws used on the ACO202XL are the same as for 202 series machines. Please note when using the ACO202 in combination with slings the adapter ZB203 is suitable for diameter up to 54 mm. For sizes larger than 54 mm, new adapters have been developed, ZB221 and ZB222. The latter one is necessary to press the second stage of the 108 mm.
With the ACO202XL we have now a battery powered machine that can press, carbon and stainless steel from size 12 up to 108 mm next to the ECO301.
ACO202XL is:
  • Battery driven alternative for the Novopress ECO301 for dimension 12 mm up to 108 mm
  • Light weight
  • Easy to handle due to ergonomic grip
  • 180° rotatable head
  • Compatible lithium ion battery with the ACO202 and ACO401
  • Stroke selection of 40 mm (up to diameter 54 mm) or 80 mm (larger diameters)
  • Modern technology (automatic release, LED-indication, diagnostic function, override button)
  • New adaptors with grip (ZB221 and ZB222) for sizes 64 up to 108 mm
  • Safety hood for hand protection