KAN-therm: New brass version of Press
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New brass version of Press

Significant changes in the offer also apply to one of the most popular piping systems among installers, KAN-therm Press. To meet the expectations of our regular and new customers, we have enhanced our system with additional elements made of brass. Except for brass pipe fittings which were already available in the current offer, the most typical fittings, such as couplings and reducers, equal and reduced tees as well as elbows are available as metal elements. The change applies to the most popular diameters, such as 16-25mm.
The additional attention should be given to the fact that all brass fittings available in the KAN-therm System Press offer meet the requirements of 4MS Common Approach*.
* The fittings made of copper alloy, meeting the requirements of 4MS Common Approach, compulsory in most European countries and used to eliminate heavy metals from drinking water.
For the record, all KAN fittings using the “Press” connection type are equipped with a unique Press design that enabled to eliminate most common assembly errors and to streamline the connection process itself.

New Press 4MS


Supply pipes to “U”-type taps in hot water circulation installations

The offer of KAN-therm System Press already includes a specific fitting, mainly used in water installations, namely the “U”-shape tap connector. The item is available in two most typical diameters i.e. 16xG1/2"x16 and 20xG1/2"x20. Such fitting design is a response to changing regulations related to hot water circulation installations. The Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 12th April, 2002 on the technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location, requires providing the continuous hot water circulation installation for all pipe sections with volume greater than 3 dm3.
This forces the use of suitably small installation diameters or the use of additional technical solutions used in hot water circulation installations. In turn on the German market it is required to circulate not only hot, but also cold utility water (DIN 1988-600:2010-12) at least 3 times a week in the branches with length ≥ 10 x DN. The above mentioned regulations forces the use of suitably small installation diameters in order to meet the requirements or designing installations in ring layout, without so called dead spots or potential places for development of Legionella bacteria. Such installation layout and most importantly meeting the requirement of the deadzone elimination in utility water installation are guaranteed only by new "U”-shape connectors.
An additional equipment of "U"-type fittings and very important to satisfy the requirement to limit the acoustics of the installation is a rubber acoustic cover. Thanks to this cover it is possible isolate completely the fittings from other elements with a flexible material that absorbs the noise very well and compensates any vibrations caused by the entire piping system.  

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