KAN-therm: Visit KAN at ISH Frankfurt 2019
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Visit KAN at ISH Frankfurt 2019

What can attract 200,000 people and almost two and a half thousand exhibitors to one place? The ISH trade fair in Frankfurt — the largest international event in the field of air conditioning, ventilation, heating, water and sanitary installations. The biennial global celebration of water and energy is a must-see in the calendar of companies that are particularly focused on modern technologies. Once more we will participate with shear pleasure.

ISH trade fair in Frankfurt is one of the world's largest global HVAC (water and energy management in buildings) events, which will take place on 11–15 March 2019 (under the provisions of new arrangements, the event will run from Monday to Friday). This international centre of the bathroom and installation industry attracts exhibitors from all over the world in every edition, offering them a few days of opportunities to present their services and the latest solutions. Exhibitors are not the only ones to contribute to the success of the event (in 2017, there were nearly 2500 exhibitors from 64 countries), visitors do, too— two years ago the fair was visited by almost 200,000 guests (from China, Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland, Great Britain, Poland and Belgium). This edition, organizers decided to meet the expectations of both interested groups — exhibitors and visitors — and build a new hall No. 12, thus increasing the exhibition area. In this year's edition, 2,400 exhibitors from all over the world have announced their participation.



System KAN-therm ultraLINE — the 2019 Premiere

This year's ISH trade fair will be an opportunity to present KAN-therm Press and KAN-therm PP Systems as well as separators and floor heating solutions. There will be no shortage of novelties and refined scenery of our stand, in line with the assumptions of the KAN Group. 

– “We focus on visualizations, which will enable proper presentation of selected systems and products, as well as information about KAN Group, including emphasis of our presence on international markets” — says Mariusz Choroszucha, Head of the Technical Advisory Department of the KAN Group.

Such a global event is the perfect moment for company’s premieres. KAN's novelty at ISH 2019 fair will be KAN-therm ultraLINE System — a universal solution providing for secure mounting without any additional seals.

– “ultraLINE is a System for professionals, featuring lack of contact between aluminium layer and brass body” — explains Mariusz Choroszucha, Head of the Technical Advisory Department of the KAN Group. – “A technically flawless product, characterised by full tightness and mechanical resistance of connections. Plus, the users will surely appreciate the possibility of using four types of freely selectable pipes.” More updates soon.

Energy Policy

The organizers introduce the division into the most important categories, structuring the assortment of products and services, which at the same time are to make it easier for visitors to find them. The ISH 2019 partner country is France (it is the third partner country, following Poland and Turkey). It is a tribute to the Paris Agreement on climate change and, at the same time, a platform for discussion on energy policy and modern technologies in the field of buildings and services. There will be a strong focus on renewable energy use, digitisation of heating, introduction of innovative heating technologies and intelligent systems to control water consumption and ensure their high quality. 

Mobile Technology

Support for installation devices via dedicated applications is now becoming a standard, which HVAC industry companies are well aware of. Thus, competition on the market does not only concern physical products, but also pieces of software that significantly increase the comfort of installations and equipment. This sector of industry is growing at a surprising pace, mobilizing programmers and process engineers to look for innovative solutions. 

– “Mobile applications are aces up the sleeve” — confirms Mariusz Choroszucha, Head of the Technical Advisory Department of the KAN Group.. – “A factor distinguishing from the competition and attesting to the innovativeness of a given company.” Of course, there is a huge number of applications on the market, but the secret is to offer customers solutions that do not turn out to be ‘one of many’, but to create an individual offer tailored to their needs.  More on KAN app in Mobile apps tab:

International Meetings

– “Apart from obvious promotional value, the fair is primarily a place for trade meetings” — confirms Mariusz Choroszucha – “The professional nature of the event does not relieve the exhibitors of the obligation to present their offers in a professional manner. Installation topics can attract attention through unusual design and functional solutions. The main goal of this type of meetings is therefore to provide information and the opportunity to present the offer to as many individuals as possible. In this case, we focus primarily on direct presentation of products and installation solutions, indicating their design, advantages or ergonomics” — he adds.  

ISH is not only an excellent opportunity to present own offer in a global aspect, but also to strengthen the image of KAN Group as a company with international potential, attaching great importance to the functionality, reliability and aesthetics of its solutions. Join us, visit our stand and participate in the annual celebration of the installation industry. We look forward to seeing you on 11–15 March in Frankfurt, hall 5.0, stand C20.

See you there!


Please visit the webseite https://ish.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/de to find out more.