KAN-therm: We have already produced 15 million PPSU fittings!
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We have already produced 15 million PPSU fittings!

We are very pleased to inform you that in May 2014 we produced a 15- million PPSU fitting!

KAN company is one of the first European manufacturers of pipes and fittings,  which has developed, implemented and  applied till today processing technology of modern, highly durable polyphenylsulfone, more well-known as PPSU.

The high quality of elements and resistance to the ageing processes ensure the long-term failure-free operation of the whole system and this is appreciated by designers and installers of polypropylene piping systems. 

Due to its above-average material properties  PPSU is also widely used in space exploration.


Using fittings made of PPSU You receive:


  • very high durability to pressure and temperature, PPSU fittings are more durable than the same pipes and guarantee more than 50 - year failure-free operating period,
  •  high mechanical resistance, the absolute lack of corrosion phenomenon and scaling in contact with water,
  • complete neutrality in relation to drinking water, confirmed by numerous examinations and NIH-certificates,
  • much reduced the weight of elements in comparison to the brass fittings, which is essential for the transport and storage costs,
  • very good sound and electrical insulation of installation thanks to using PPSU fittings,
  • significant savings of heat, PPSU material is characterized by greater thermal resistance as compared to brass so fittings give less heat back,
  • durability and high quality  of PPSU fittings of KAN-therm system confirmed by Polish certificates  and examinations in the reputed European Institute KIWA,
  • 100% reproducibility of product, production technology of PPSU fittings practically excludes any latent defects.


PPSU material is used for production of elbows, tees, wallplate elbows, connectors and fittings with internal thread of KAN-therm Push system and KAN-therm Press system.


The most popular elements of KAN-therm  system made of PPSU:

 Technical specification of PPSU fittings of KAN-therm system and the price list is available in the catalogue 6in1 on our website