KAN-therm: System KAN-therm Groove
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System KAN-therm Groove

System description:

System KAN therm Groove is an installation system consisting of fittings and couplings made of cast iron and steel, in a wide range of diameters (DN25 DN300) which are used in compressed air installations and specialist systems in mining and industry.

Reliable connections, easy assembly and security are our priorities.
Thanks to the use of the most modern production processes, our products meet the most stringent requirements and posseses international quality certificates.
System KAN-therm Groove
System KAN-therm Groove
Owing to the use of the highest-quality materials and a wide range of diameters, System KAN-therm Groove is used in technological and compressed air installations. The system can also be used in industrial installations and pipelines in mining. The great advantage is the possibility of disassembly and reassembly in a new place, especially when the pipeline is made only for a limited time. In the case of sprinkler systems, System KAN-therm Groove is fully compatible with the elements of System KAN-therm Steel and Inox Sprinkler and allows for connecting pipes and fittings with large diameters above 108 mm.
System KAN-therm Groove
System KAN-therm Groove

System KAN-therm Groove Advantages

For connections with standard carbon steel pipes
  • Wide range of diameters (DN25 DN300)
  • Resistant to high operating parameters (up to 69 bar)
  • Very easy and quick installation (significant time savings compared to welding)
  • No impact of external conditions on the quality of the connection
  • Possibility of prefabrication of elements for thermal elongation compensation
  • Compatible with System KAN therm Steel & Inox (Sprinkler)

System KAN-therm Groove